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tl;dr version: I make stuff up and tell stories.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. There are a couple rules to keep in mind when dealing with me :)

1. Never take me seriously unless I tell you to.  Ever.
2. I will answer any question you ask honestly (assuming I choose to answer)
3. Never ask me a question you aren’t ready for the answer to.
4. I mean exactly what I say. I might not say it correctly, but I do not have ulterior motives.
5. Don’t make assumptions about me based on outward appearance. You are more than likely wrong and you are going to miss out, but I am fucking awesome.
Now, on to the Q&A!
Are you working on anything at the moment: I have several projects ‘in development’

Can you elaborate? Seriously? Okay, there is Lexington, Fixed Perspective, Chronicles, Garden Wars, Telltale Heart, Professor Green and his Amazing Machine, Last Halloween, Paper Monsters, Not My Job, Garden Wars card game, and Power Spike. Those are the ones I can recall off the top of my head.

How would you describe yourself? Put it like this, I like words. I like the way they sound, I like their subtle shades of meaning, their power and their origins. I like make up words, roll them around on my tongue and see how they feel. I write sen­tence frag­ments, I often will use a sen­tence because I like the rhythm and cadence even if it doesn’t per­fectly mesh with the sen­tences sur­round­ing it, I write “email” with­out a hyphen, I am a big fan of the phrase “muy­muy,”.[1] I’m lucky if I use the proper kind of punctuation, and I have a love-​​obsession with the comma.

I like to put words together, occasionally they even make sense. I often write nonsensical fan­tasy and sci­ence fic­tion, or short flash fic­tion about dogs, cybernetic mummies or canine detectives that shouldn’t exist. Kind of like the Won­der Twins if they had more imag­i­na­tion. [2] I’m not sure you call what I do writ­ing, but it’s the clos­est descrip­tion I can come up with.

I firmly believe a sen­tence can end with prepo­si­tions or begin with “and”. I believe adverbs should be used as often and as lib­er­ally as possible.

But I’m not a writer. At least not by my definition, instead I call myself a Storyteller. Why? Well, to be honest I tell stories. Be they in prose, games, videos, code, photos, paint, clay, crayons, podcasts, plastic dinosaurs or whatever medium and method I use. I’m trying to tell a story. It might be a simple as I like apples or as complex as how a dog is the center of a global prophesy and destined to change the entire world. (Literally.) So no, I’m not a writer. Or an author. I’m a creator. An artist. An imagineer. Is that a word? It is now ;)

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Google+ or GoodReads or Facebook [3] [4]

  1. [1]I dare you to saw it out loud without at least smiling
  2. [2]If you don’t know who the Wonder Twins are… you need more help than I can give. Sorry.
  3. [3] Does anyone even use Facebook anymore?
  4. [4]I like footnotes, footnotes are cool!