I got dragged into this by the awesome Rachel Desilets because I whined about people ignoring the fact I was a writer.


I have… I think three WiP going, but for this I picked Chronicles. BTW, I am not working on this for NaNoWriMo. No idea what I’m doing if anything.

1. What is the title of your Work in Progress 

Chronicles: Ball of Fate

2. Where did the idea for the WiP come from?

My twisted head. That and reading far too many Terry Prachett books and trying to write Fan Fic.

3. What genre would your WiP fall under?

Satirical Fantasy. That’s assuming there isn’t a WTF? genre by then.

4. Which actors would you choose to play characters in a movie rendition?

Will Smith would play Phineas, Any brown and black Australian Terrier with Steve Carrell as the voice. David Boreanaz as Faulkner Seth Green as the Professor Emma Watson as Mel

5. What is a one-sentence synopsis of your WiP?

A normal cargo run turns into the adventure of a lifetime for the crew of the [Corsair] as they encounter pirates, a lost Administrator, Knights of Orange (who are actually orange), and Dawgerians priests who believe the prophesy of the Ball of Fate begins to come true, sort of.

6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Represent! Oh, I mean Represented. Not sure I’m allowed to say who yet.

7. How long did it take you to write?

It’s starting life as a serial then getting converted into a book so… however long it takes.

8. What other WiPs in your genre would you compare it to?

Discworld and/or HHGTTG

9. Which authors inspired you to write this WiP?

Terry Prachett, Douglas Adams, Issac Asimov

10. Tell us anything else that might pique our interest about this WiP.

It contains a talking dawg, and evil scientist named Little Mister, six foot tall faeries, a giant octopus at the center of the galaxy that only wants to drink frothy lemonade (frothy is a requirement), and a semi-bio-organic ship. Kind of.