So some of you have seen this already but aren’t sure what it means. The short version is this, in 2012 I started writing a weekly serial called Garden Wars that was inspired in no small part by one Bliss Morgan. It started as a way to get an image out of my head an blossomed into something more. I managed to get 12 episodes written and posted, and then I got very sick and had to step away for a while.

During that time I tried a number of times to get other aspects of the idea going (graphic novel, card game, etc…) but never quite managed to get them off the ground.

This year I am finally in a place I can pick stuff up again and reached out to a friend of mine (who I really should have thought of earlier) to help out. He agreed and started working on the designs for the comic! ::cheer::

Yes, that’s the short version.

That friend is Peter Faria. I’ve know Pete for almost 20 years and he’s a really nice guy, even if he’s a little ‘off’. (Are you surprised that a friend of mine isn’t normal ;) He has the original stories and the script I did for the first page of the comic and is working on the character designs.

I will admit that creating those designs is hard. Not because he’s not talented but because I went out of my way in the stories not to actually describe any of the characters. Yes, their names are reflective of some aspect of their personality, but their physical description isn’t there. That was on purpose because I wanted people to create their own visions of what they looked like.

Yes, I essentially shot my self in the foot. But I’m not going to change that. If it means more iterations and work to get them right, so be it.

I’m going to start posting updates to the work publicly. Sketches and what-not that Peter is okay with putting up, I will. Progress on the comic and stories will be posted when they happen.

Basically what I’m doing is sharing the process with the world rather than bottle it up and build it in secret and then launch it. Creativity is meant to be shared and doing with others, not in a locked room hidden from prying eyes.

The plan is to turn the prose bit it into a regular serial again, after I re-write the episodes I already have (and add in a couple that are needed). That might take a little longer than planned because my editor is now very sick and in the hospital. I don’t know when she will be available again, but that’s a story for a different time.

Each ‘serial’ will be put together and put on Amazon/B&N/Where ever. Each one will be about 20K words. However, as each bit is finished and ready I will post them. Which means that if you want, you can read the story before it gets published.

As progress is made on the comic I will post that. As each ‘page’ is complete…. you guessed it. I will post it. When each ‘issue’ is done that will get put up on Amazon/B&N/where-ever as well.

So, feedback, suggestions and comments welcome.