This is the last of the twisties for a little bit. Have a couple other ideas queued up for the next few weeks. As always, enjoy!

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He thought back to the incident as he fell to the ocean floor, the water slowing his decent to almost nothing. The other had managed to work their arm under underneath him, and as he shifted his weight to move the coral he had attached to broke away causing his current predicament.

On the way down he had hit another piece of coral that had been razor sharp, slicing off a portion of one arm. There had been very little blood and the pain had already began to subside as the wound had closed itself off fairly quickly.

As he hit bottom he was able to glance back the way he came and saw the other sitting on the top of the coral in his old spot, most likely oblivious to the events that had transpired. He bore no ill will toward the other, they probably hadn’t intended to knock him off the reef after all. Besides, no one could have predicted it would have given way just then.

He sighed inwardly and took his bearings, trying to determine the best path back to the top where he had been. Once he located the route he set his mind towards the goal and began the long trek.

He hoped the arm would grow back before he reached the summit. Scars were cool and all, but trying to explain this to the other starfish wasn’t something he was looking forward to.