Here's a question, what happens to the Flower Fairies when Winter come?  I ask because while there are a couple theories no one really knows for sure.  

One theory is that they all die off and the Snow Fairies take over. The thinking is that each Fairy has a life span of about 6-8 months (depending on overlap) and that in the Spring the Snow Fairies die and the Flower Fairies are born.  

There are (to my way of thinking) a couple things wrong with that theory. Well, several actually. One, it presumes that the Fairies only live a few months. It's already been proven that Fairies can live hundreds, if not thousands of years.  Secondly, who wants to imagine Fairies dying! Third, the mess it made would be easily identifiable. We find caterpillar husks all the time so why not Faerie husks? (Unless you subscribe to the theory that caterpillars and Butterflys are actually different species.)

A second theory that I've seen bandied about for a few years is that the Fairies actually transform. Flower becomes Snow and Snow becomes Flower.  This sounds romantic and completely plausible, but it doesn't explain things like how there are Flower Fairies in the tropical regions year round or Snow Fairies in places like the Arctic and Antarctic all the time unless one stipulates there only certain species of Flower and Snow are metamorphic. But doing that gets into deciding which species and what happens if a metamorphic species mates with a non-metamorphic species, where do they live, how to there divide the china, and whose mother stays with whom. 

Personally, I think there is a third, more rational and completely unproveable theory; The Fairies all migrate south for the Winter. The Flower Fairies go more south to like Brazil or Chile while the Snow Fairies come down from Canada. (This is obviously reversed in the Southern Hemisphere. Well, not reversed as North and South are arbitrary designations on a Compass, but you get the point. (or points)[1]). Now, I say this is unprovable because the only way to verify it would be to either count the number of Flower Fairies in the tropics before and after the migration or tag the Fairies that line here during the Summer.

Now, I don't know if you've ever tried counting Fairies before, but they are well know for messing with people. There might only be three Fairies in a collection but when you try counting them there somehow ends up being twenty fize. When you recount again it's seven. The third recount results in forty. After that you just give up, write down a number at random, and indulge in mint juleps and cranberry scones while watching the pretty lights.

Attempting to tag them is worse. Assuming for a moment you can catch them, tagging them is paramount to risking your own life. If you use a simple bracelet or something, you come back a day or so later to find it somehow wrapped around the trunk of a tree that is far to large for the object. (Like a tree that splits in the middle then rejoins farther up and the bracelet is somehow wrapped around one of the split trunks. But is obvious the tree split many, many years ago.)

And they get pissed if you try to staple something to their ears like the do with whales and seals. Oh boy! They might not hurt you but don't be surprised if your stuff comes up missing or replaced with wooden versions. Trust me, a  wooden TV gets lousy reception.

The reason you would have to count them is because there is literally no way of knowing which of the Fairies located in the tropic areas are native and which are migrants. And none of them will rat out the other, no matter how much gold you give them.

Regarding the living arrangements back north, I'm convinced it's a timeshare situation. Flower pats through the Summer and Snow picks up the tab in the Winter. And considering that 90% of the landlords are Squirrels the rent is cheap, sometimes just peanuts!

Anyway, I'm hoping to start a fund raising campaign soon to raise money to research this very topic. That, or drink. Heavily.

[1] Get it? Points, Compass. Because a Compass has points… oh never mind!