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Southern Nardinia (formerly the British Isles):

Commander Julien wasn’t happy. He stomped around the room changing the scenes on the monitor wall seemingly at random, throwing switches and jabbing buttons like he was mad at them. Only it wasn’t the buttons he was mad at. And at nearly 2 meters tall, he was not an elf you wanted mad at you. Trust me, I’d been here before.

“Are you completely insane? This room monitors every square kilometer of Nardinia and there is nothing on the long range sensors to even remotely indicating that that the humans are mobilizing after 30 years, and I trust these systems far, far more that I trust you or your brother.”

“Sir, I realize that what Nash is saying sounds outrageous, but I’ve known him all his life and I’ve found him to be right time and time again.”

“Regardless Tamarind -“

“Tanaka sir” I muttered meekly.

“Tanaka. Regardless Tanaka, it will take much more than the ‘feelings’ of your nephew-“


“- brother. Please don’t interrupt me again. I need actual evidence if I am to go to the council and suggest we evacuate based on the ‘feelings’ of your brother.”

Suddenly a scream came from the corner of the room. I glanced over at Nash, my baby brother, just as his eyes rolled up into his head as he collapsed.

“No! Must leave now! Must leave now! All Die! ALL DIE!” screamed Nash as he began writhing in what looked like pain, “MUST LEAVE! ALL DIE!”

“Get him out of here! Now!” the Commander shouted, turning his face turned an interested shade of purple

“Yes sir. Sorry sir. He just gets like that sometimes.”

How embarrassing.

“You might want to consider having him committed. Also consider what might happen if either of you go spreading these rumors around. Last thing we need is to have everyone panicing over the ravings of -“

“Yes sir, I understand. Thank you for seeing us Commander. Come on Nash!”

I heaved him off the floor and walked out of the room, carrying him as best I could.

“We tried Nash. That’s the best we could have hoped for.”

“Tanaka? It is Tanaka right?”

There was a rather large elf standing before us. It didn’t bode well after the events in the Commanders office.

“Yes, ” I replied, “and you’re Vegas if I remember correctly. You’re part of the FSDF.”

“Yeah, Special Ops,” replied Vegas somewhat absently, “Listen, did he really mean what he said about the humans destroying everything?”

“You really shouldn’t get involved sir. It will just cause you trouble.”

“Yes, I can imagine that it would. Truth be told however I think I actually believe him.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Here was a high ranking officer in the Security Defense Force telling me he believed my brother’s ramblings. I’ll admit, I was more than a little skeptical. I figured he was trying to get us to say something that could be considered treasonous so he could arrest us. Needless to say what came out of his mouth was something I was not ready for.

” To tell you the truth, I’m not the only one. See some of us on the Long Range Patrols have been seeing evidence that the humans are trying to retake Nardinia. We report it and it gets buried so no one else hears of it. “

I simply stared.

“Wha… what kind of evidence?”

“Small stuff, like things disappearing, noises and sightings.”

“You’ve seen humans in Nardinia!”

“Not humans but… things. Things that weren’t there that day or the night before. Look, I can get you in to see the council and give you some evidence of human trespassing for you to use, but you have to keep my name out of it.”

“No problem there,” i managed to mutter.

“And if you decide to leave, I can just about promise I can get 10 – 15 others to join us.”

Us? Did he really just say us?

“Others?” I asked, totally confused now.

“Others in Ops that are disgruntled. Elves that have been given the rough and dangerous jobs and positions constantly over time and passed over for promotions. These are all good elves, they just don’t like to play the political game other do and as a result aren’t considered for decent positions.”

I had no idea what to say.

“Thanks for the help. I will try not to let you down.”

The council members sit high above the chambers floor. Each has their own seat on a tower that is probably 50 feet tall. I guess it gives them a feeling of superiority. There are supposed to be 4 council members, each an elected representative of each district, however the representative of my home district of Carta died a couple weeks ago and they haven’t filled the position yet. Figures.

The inquiry, as they called it, had been going on for 2 days. We had said everything we knew twice and even brought some of the evidence Vegas had collected over the past few months. Of course his name was never mentioned.

“Tanaka. Step forward.”

I did, staring up at the current Council President, convinced that he was going to simply exile Nash and myself from Nardinia. A prospect Nash relished, and one I didn’t.

“This is a very serious situation before us. You and your brother are claiming that the humans are coming back to Nardinia after being forced out by us over 30 years ago. After reviewing the supposed evidence and listening to the testimony of you and your brother we have decided not to pursue the matter any further. And further more, you and your brother are never to speak of it. You will have noticed that there is no one in the Council Room, no witnesses and no spectators. No one who can substantiate what occured here. No one who will be whispering in the streets and refreshment houses about the ‘Human Invasion’. When we leave this room, this matter will disappear. Any further discussion or rumor be grounds for immediate trial.”

He banged the gavel, then they all got up and left.


I should point out he actually used air quotes around human invasion.

I walked out of the Council chambers with my eyes glazed over. Stunned was the only word for it. Not only were they going to ignore everything we has said but they were going to pretend it never happened and we were to never mention anything that had happened.

I glanced over to Vegas, waited for him to see me and held his gaze.

“Gather your people, ” I said quietly when I walked up to him, “We leave tonight.”