Cats, especially kitties, are just so full of awe and cuteness. And everyone know they are aloof, territorial and adorableness.

But I bet you didn't know they were also Santa's spies.

I know! I didn't believe it when I first heard it either, but it's true! Think about it, you never, ever see a cat in a Santa pic. Go do a Google search and not a single picture has a cat. Not a one! (well, there is this one with girls in santa bikinis… but I digress).

Not some would tell you that's meaningless, after all there aren't any with dogs either, but I ask you this; ever heard of Santa leaving a kitten in a box as a present? No!

However there are plenty of stories about kids getting puppies for Christmas and the like. But I will admit, that doesn't mean that Cats are Santas spies. But think about this, you hardly ever see a cat dressed like Santa either, but again.. plenty of dogs do.

I've had people tell me that only means cats are more discerning about what they wear. It's not compelling evidence I admit, but that's because they are so damn good and clever about hiding it! I'm certain that if it gets out I'm telling you this I will likely disappear. Or at the very least my stocking will be stolen from the chimney where I hung it with care and run up a flag pole.

(tune in next Friday for #2. Maybe.)