There is a little buggie like thing called a 'Roly Poly'( I say buggie because it's actually a crustacean (like a Lobster or crab)) that you can find by turning over stones or bricks and sometimes even wood.  It goes by a number of names like Pillbug, sand mite or potato bugs. I've even heard them called sand chiggers and sand armadillo (because they can curl up into a little ball when disturbed).

I call them something else: Insect Samurai.   Think about it, you often see them solo but occasionally in a small group (one to three) but never in big groups (unless you turn over a really big rock), they are armored, and aren't really afraid of that much. They have been known to live near and with large spiders as cleaners, eating the leftovers and any gung that in generated by the spider.

I imagine them getting together once a year to divvy up areas in which to patrol and maintain. For example the newer bugs get stuck with the job of camping out near the Spiders to help with the cleanup, the older bugs are designated to explore and examine areas under rocks and stones and bricks while the middle group (basically, the assholes) just go around the yard picking fights with Grubs, Earthworms, Crickets and whatever else they come across all while looking for the Ninjas of the insect world: Ants.

Ants are super strong, you never just see one but rather hundreds and when you do see only a couple it's because the other thousand are in hiding waiting for you to drop a piece of sandwich.

So lets all celebrate and cheer the Pill Bug. After all, the Pill Bug Olympics are coming up next year and from what I hear they are adding Bowling to the event list this year. Apparently you run down the lane and leap into the air before the fault line, curl into a ball and roll down towards the pins. Which are actually Aphids stood on end.