This isn’t my strongest piece and considering that I’ve been bad sick all week I probably should have stayed in bed and left well enough alone.

Yea, right.

This is also an experiment. ¬†I’m decent at description but wanted to try doing something in pure dialog to see if I could carry a story that way.

Anyway here is my September 18th #fridayflash. Please comment below!

“If you’ll step this way please I’d like to show you our latest product innovations.

This is the latest in the Gilboa line of housing units. ¬†It features a separate sleeping hut and designated toilet areas. ¬†It also has an insert for when you have to add or remove items from the unit.¬† You can isolate even the most aggressive pet without harming them. It’s made of 20 gauge Stelanium and comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from the standard 2 metes tall by 3 metes wide ¬†and 2 metes¬†deep to the luxury size of 2 by 6 by 4 and the brand new family size of 2 by 10 by 10. ¬†And best of all it has a new external access feeding facility so that you never have to open the cage!

Over here we have the newest Gath unit that comes completely covered in a TransparaStelanium dome.  It also comes in the Standard, Luxury and Family sizes with diameters of  3, 8 and 12 metes respectively.  The Luxury and Family sizes also come with a second access port that can be connected, via tubing, to additional units providing unlimited mix and match possibilities!

On those occasions when you have to dispose of a body because it has died or you accidentally allowed them to breed and now have too many, we now carry an extensive line of trap and removal devices designed specifically for that purpose.”

“What about instead of treating them like animals we treat them like living beings and let them alone? ¬†Let them live in the wild rather than capture and cage the for our amusement?”

“Is that you Eliana? ¬†Must you bring this up yet again? ¬†We’ve gone over this a hundred times, they aren’t like us, they ARE animals. ¬†Keeping them like this is probably better for them than if they were in the wild.”

“They are living creatures capable of intelligence and love and compassion. ¬†They have a soul and we have no right to treat them like this!”

“Come now Eliana. There is no evidence of that. ¬†There is no proof what-so-ever that they have a soul of any kind. ¬†They don’t even feel pain!

After all, they are only Human.”