The entire room was bathed in bright light.  Not so bright as to be blinding, but bright enough that it was worrying to try and navigate through the room after being in the dark hallway.

As his eyes adjusted he could see shadows moving around behind the lights in all directions, their purpose and goals unknown to him. ¬†Across the room was a beautiful girl standing just inside the doorway. ¬†He knew her, or felt he should. ¬†At the very least he wanted to.¬†Occasionally sounds came drifting in, soft enough and low enough that he couldn’t quite understand the words.

His first instinct was to wonder if they were talking about him, looking across the now lit room he could see the girl standing by the door, maybe the voices were talking about her

He chose his spot beside the couch and looked carefully around the room. ¬†It was an average sized room with average furniture. ¬†It was mostly in line with his tastes, enough so he wasn’t repulsed by it, but he knew it was all fake. ¬†Nothing he could see was real, nothing belonged to him. ¬†Looking around again he couldn’t remember what his own furniture, or even his room actually looked like.

He licked his lips as his gaze passed over the shadows moving around behind the lights.  The whispers again passing by him, not quite understandable.

How long would they stay away, how long would the light keep them out.

He glanced over to the girl again and noticed that she seemed more confident, more sure of herself than he felt.  He wondered if she was even real and fought the urge to walk over to her to touch her, knowing it would provoke the Director in the shadows and cause himself anguish.

Instead he sat on the arm of the couch, sensing his time was coming.  Instinctively know that soon the lights would begin and everything would change.

He was supposed to do something, or say something… if only he could remember.

He started¬†fidgeting, shaking his hands and feet. He closed his eyes trying desperately to remember what it was he was supposed to do. ¬†It was something important, that much he remembered. ¬†Something about…

Suddenly his head rose up, everything came flooding back to him in a frantic rush.

He sorted it out in his head, took  a deep breath and felt his confidence grow.

He was set.

He was ready.

Ready to play his part. Ready to tackle the role before him in this grand drama.

He smiled briefly at the girl across the room, and she smiled back.  His confidence rose again.

Another deep breath.

He faced the light, ready.

The shuffling in the background quieted, the lights began to dim. The shadows stilled.


Now was the time for him to do what he had come to do, to stand on his own and face all his fears and demons.  To give the performance of his life.

Suddenly a face appeared across the room, distorted by the lights and shadows into a mockery of a man.  The face seemed to take a deep breath and shouted: