[Note: This is going to be part of the 4th episode of Journeys but it's important enough, and universal enough, to put it here.]

Journeys : Stand

We live in a world where different is bad. It's looked down on and regarded as something to be 'taught out' of us.

If you dress different, look different, sound different, think different you are abnormal

And we define things based on an arbitrary notion of age. Just because someone has been alive long enough to go around the sun 18 times doesn't mean that they are capable of making an intelligent decision. I know people 2-3 times that age who can't form their own opinion with an IKEA instruction booklet. I mean what makes '21' the responsible age to consume alcohol?

I bring that up because somehow, being alive long enough to circle our sun more than 40 times means I'm too old to read comics and watch cartoons. Because I like to paint and draw and write and dream up strange creatures and bizarre devices (that will never work until I re-write the laws of physics), in short because I'm more 'childlike' than 'grown up' I'm called 'childish'. 

It's hard to express your individuality on a regular basis when you are forced to conform to societies rules or risk being called out. It's not manly to have a stuffed animal on your key chain. It's silly to like Hello Kitty at my age. It's a waste to collect and play with toys like Transformers and G-Force. 

We set these rules of how an adult should behave and look and act and base it on a stupid think like trips around the sun, and when someone steps, even a little bit, outside the definition they are demeaned and bullied. 

We put people in little boxes and call them broken, or slow, or retarded. And what was once a bright and shining star fades and flickers like a candle dying in the wind.

And we do this so often that eventually it is all they know, the box becomes home. It becomes everything. It becomes reality. And at some point we don't even need to put them there anymore, they do it themselves. And the learn to lock it from the inside. Anything that comes along that directly refutes what the box stands for is dismissed.

We destroy other people at will simply because they are different, because they don't fit the perception of what we think people should be like.