Who ever thinks about socks? We slip them on our feet (if we wear them at all) without a second thought about the socks themselves. We occasionally lose one in the dryer or laundry hamper, eaten by the now infamous Sock Monster, or possibly spirited off by the sock fairy in an attempt (often futile) to find a mate somewhere else (Sock faeries are color blind you see, they don’t realize that the green and red striped sock they ‘liberated’ doesn’t really belong with the red and green striped sock. I say liberated because they honestly do believe that solo socks are prisoners of a long and brutal Sock War.)

We (well, most of us) make a great effort to ensure that our socks match. Same color or pattern, size, general shape, point of origin… because for some reason there is a belief that wearing mis-matched socks will bring about the end of the world. Or at least the end of Twinkies. Again. We go to great lengths to make sure that our socks are correct and tell the world that we are proper. Never thinking that in the vast majority of cases, no one ever sees our socks. We put more thought into our underwear than our socks most of the time. I see men at the store grabbing a big bag of white cotton tube socks (8 count) with barely a glance and tossing it in the buggy. But they spend hours picking out the right underwear. Silk or cotton, thread count, coloring, style, tag or no tag. Give no further though to the lonely bag of socks kidnapped from their sock family, all of whom are still sitting on the shelf morning the loss of those so young.

But what if they did?

What if, instead of wearing dull and boring socks that match and exist within some narrow band of monochromatic colorings buried under jeans, or trousers, or long dresses, rather than plain stockings or black/brown/navy blue socks we expressed our individuality via socks. Holiday socks, socks with toes, sock with stripes or interesting geometric shapes and patterns. Socks with cute cartoon or video game characters, or socks with polka dots or oddly colored tiger stripes. Perhaps even camouflaged socks (though they might be difficult to find).

Or take it a step further, mix and match! Dump a bunch of socks in a basket, shake it up and draw out two. Whatever they are, put them on and announce to the world you don’t care! Shout it from the roof top, shout it on the streets(though don’t… you might get arrested).

But all of that is a tangent from my original point: who ever thinks about socks? Even were you to change over to wearing randomly chosen socks would you think about them? Would you think about them as much as you do about picking out the proper tie or the right belt to go with those shoes (seriously, did you think about that?)? Or would you fall right back into the routine of just putting them on and going about your day without a care in the world.

The poor, forgotten sock.