Another Wife Approved &trad; production. A little different, but I think fun.

_TarryAna stood staring through the window. The most adorable little puppy stared back at her.  He had jumped up and placed his front paws on the glass and gazed at her with his floppy pink tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

She grabbed the strap of her shoulder bag, yanked it farther up her shoulder and marched into the store.  She asked a few simple questions about the dog, basic things like what does he eat, how old he was, when his last airplane checkup had been performed.

Once satisfied, she handed over the 2 sacks of gold and Spear of Asagoul as payment, grabbed the bag of squeaky toys, took the leash from the cashier and strolled happily out the door with a shaggy, bouncy brown and white dog in tow.

_TarryAna stared through the car windshield at the dark ominous clouds that were forming ahead. She had known it was going to rain and yet had stubbornly left her umbrella at home, determined not to be a slave to the weather.

“How’s that working for you?”, she muttered to herself.

She glanced quickly into the back seat at the paper grocery bags, hoping she could make it home before it started to pour.

Maybe she would call John and have him meet her at a restaurant where they could pass away the time while the storm passed.

_TarryAna stood and stared out the window, refusing to look at the mound of groceries piled on the table. As of yet she hadn’t decided what exactly she was going to do about the fact that her roommate John has just spent their entire budget on milk, eggs and bread.

She could see the bags reflected in the glass. They hadn’t managed to disappear despite her fevered attempts to wish them away.

“Seriously? You bought 5 gallons of milk and 3 loaves of bread and how many dozen eggs?”


“6! What were you thinking?”

“Well,” replied John as he whimpered, “It’s what you do when there is a snow storm”

“It makes no sense. What are we going to do with all that food.”

“But,” John whimpered again (why did she find that cute?), “It’s what people do!”

Despite her best efforts to stay mad she smiled and walked over to the distraught John, wrapping him with her arms and planing a giant kiss on his cheek.

“We’ll just eat lots of french toast,” she said smiling as she leaned back and looked into his eyes.

“Forgive me?”

“Of course! Help me crack the eggs?”

Wally returned to his chair, feeling much relieved from his trip to the bathroom, wondering if he would ever get used to not leaving the computer for hours at a time.

As he glanced at his screen he noticed that the tavern was empty save his avatar _TarryAna who was sitting partly slumped in a chair as if sleeping.

“Bastards left without me!”

Quickly grabbing his mouse he tapped the spacebar to unpause the game, causing _TarryAna to quickly jump up and draw her sword on the screen. The fact that she had been sitting when he arrived but standing when he had paused the game registered for a split second before he issued a quick flurry of commands on the keyboard, causing the elfin avatar to charge out the tavern door uttering a gutteral battle cry.

He suddenly had an odd craving for french toast.