Harley sat and waited.

He continued to sit, and continued to wait but now added ‘glare’ to his action list.

He had considered simply staring but glare had more menace and considering that as a Silky Terrier he was taller sitting than standing it made more sense to glare and sit.

It hadn’t moved for several minutes, teasing him. He remained perfectly still, only his hair moved now and again blowing in the occasional breeze.

Suddenly it twitched!

A slight wind was starting up again so it made sense that it would move, but he had to be on his guard in case it decided that was the perfect chance to escape.

Carefully, he raised his back haunches and shifted, with extreme care, into a position more suitable for stalking.

Slowly he lifted his left forepaw.

No movement.

He slowly extended it out in front of him and shifted his weight slightly.

Still no movement.

Carefully, oh so very carefully, and slowly, he lowered it again and shifted his weight forward more.

A twitch.

Harley froze.

Had he been seen?

Did it know he was there?

Should he pounce now?

It was too far away to get to in a single jump, but it might be possible in two.

The breeze came again.

A double twitch!

He crept forward a tad faster now.

Suddenly the wind gusted faster, lifting it into the air.

It was escaping!

Harley gave chase.

It drifted upward slowly, just out of leaping range.

He was about to give up when the wind died a little and it sank back to earth, skittering across the ground.

He sped up and just as it began to lift into the air again when the wind picked up he pounced.

He grabbed it securely between in his teeth, lifted his foot to free it, turned and trotted back to the porch with his head held high and a grin on his face as he carried the yellow candy wrapper.