So. Regarding Delve.

Actually, let me back up a moment and talk about something related.  I have a tough time talking about projects I'm thinkering[1] with or working on.  Why? Because I always feel like someone else is going to take it and make it better and faster and I when I finally get mine out I will be viewed as a copy-cat.

I never said this was rational. And I'm trying to break out of that thinking mold.

So. ::deep breath::

I love adventure games. Adventures games and COYA[2] books. I played Zork and Myst and Rogue and all the other games that didn't have a rule book and didn't tell you anything. You had to explore and test and poke and hope like hell you didn't get eaten by a Gru or stepped on by a Golem or a dragon.

So.  I'm making my own. It's a variation on Zork, By that I mean that it's text based but not just white text on a screen. But the trick is, I'm actually building an engine that I can create a myriad of adventures with. From haunted mansions, to exploring a cave, searching the derelict hull of a space ship, or a little detective story.

And I'm building it so that each time you play the game the layout of the environment is different. So where you could keep playing Zork over and over and eventually make a map of the world, you can't with Delve.  It's like taking a deck of cards and shuffling them each time you play.

Calm down, you'll be able to save your progress and possibly even the map (still thinking about that one) but no two games will be alike. Your experience will be different that your friends.

Of course I will also have the ability to 'fix' the layout. Just in case.

It's no where near ready for people to look at but if you want to poke at it I can give you the URL.   It's only 7 rooms with crappy descriptions (Hallway: Standard hallway, nothing special.), no monsters and no items. But the map works and you can move around. Kind of.

I'll try to remember to update progress as I add something significant. 

When it's done you guys can be the beta testers if you want.

That's it for now.  I might make a circle specifically for project updates if anyone cares to be notified. Though right now there isn't a lot to tell on anything.  Still in recovery/ramp up phase for everything.

[1] yes, I meant 'thinkering'
[2] choose your own adventure. Just in case you didn't know.
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