So, I've made decent progress on the game. I have it to a point right now where you can walk around the rooms without a glitch. If you enter a room that has an exit pointing in the direction of an existing room it will automatically make that connection. 

If the existing room doesn't have an available exit it removes that potential exit from the room you entered.

This make it even more dynamic by manipulating the rooms even more.

As it stands, the order of the rooms will be different (i.e. going north from the foyer might land you in the library or the kitchen or the ball room or the pantry…). The exits from said room will be different (this time the Study has exits to the north, east and west. Next time those exits might be east, south and west.).

And finally the room might not have the same number of exits as last time.

I'm presently working on what happens when you go up or down a level. Meaning you walk up a set of stairs to the second floor or down to the basement.

Which brings me to a question, visually how would it make sense to represent that change?  fade out and shift the other floors (i.e. simulate 'layers', keep everything on the same 'level' and change colors… I'm not sure.

The image below is the faded shifted version, for reference.