So I’ve already told you I cheated and bought some ‘factory’ grown plants from one of the mega stores. ¬†Now it’s time to calculate the total costs so far this year that have gone into the garden.


Mint $3.69   Parsnips $1.59
Basil $3.69   Carrots $0.97
Cilantro $3.69   Squash $1.69
Jalapeno Pepper $3.69   Zucchini $1.69
Thyme $3.69   Cucumber $1.69
Oregano $3.69   Green Onion $1.89
Parsley $3.69   Corn $2.87
Dill $4.69   Bush Bean $0.99
      Shell Peas $1.69
      Lettuce 1 $1.69
      LIttle Gem Lettuce $2.19
      Spinach $2.99
      Beets $1.69
      Bell Pepper $1.69
      Edamame $2.99
      Radish $1.89
Total $26.21     $28.51


So for the plants and seed alone we are at ¬†$54.72. ¬†Add the pellet tray I bought for $9.99 to start the seed inside we come to a total of $64.71. ¬†Consider that we’ve spent close to $100 for vegetables and herbs so far this year. ¬†The biggest problem with the experiment this year is I’m so far behind. ¬†It’s already mid-june and I still don’t have everything in the ground. ¬†I’m beginning to wonder if the entire effort is worth it so far for the year. ¬†


Anyway, to sum up for now:


Total spent to date: $64.71

Time spent: ~4 hours

Saving to date: $0