I leapt among the clouds.
Dancing and singing with my brothers and sisters and cousins and friends.
Taking a little bit of each one that I passed and met until I was old enough and big enough.
Then I jumped.

I left the nest and the world of safety and comfort and plunged into the sky.
Thousands like me went with me. It was like a giant, chaotically organized parade.
We all knew where we were going, but no one much cared how or when we got there.
Flying through the sky was the greatest feeling in the world.
Free and unhindered.

Then I hit the ground.
Considerably hard.
But not to worry, that was the plan.

When I hit I join the collection of others that have also made the journey as we prepare to join with the earth in a cycle where I will ultimately be reborn into the clouds.

Oh I'm terribly sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.
I don't really have a name, they don't mean much to us anyway, our life cycle being what it is.
You see, I'm a raindrop.