So I’m working on the finishing touches of this when I notice that WordPress 2.8 is out and this site is still running 2.7. ¬† Well! ¬†That simply muct not be allowed so I promptly upgrade. ¬†And break it.

For some reason I begin having delimiter errors every time I create or attempt to edit a post or page. ¬†It didn’t happen before so it must have been something I did during the upgrade. ¬†So I download it again. ¬†And… it’s broken. ¬†Okay. ¬†Phase 2.

As anyone who has worked with WP in the past knows, when all else fails start deactivating plugins one by one till the problem goes away. ¬†Then you have your culprit. ¬†Except I even went so far as to delete the blasted things and still didn’t fix it.

‘Well now’ I say to myself. ¬†’I upgraded 2 other site recently to 2.8 and they both work fine. ¬†I’ll just copy them over and change the theme and plugins’

So I did. ¬†And it didn’t work.

I then go back to the other sites that are running 2.8 and start playing around.  And guess what? THEY ARE BROKEN!

At this point I’m totally confused and lost. ¬†I’ve even tried a clean install, new DB, everything short of wiping the hard drive and starting over. ¬†It DID cross my mind!

So I do the one thing men hate.  Ask for help.

Turns out it’s all because I had a trailing forward slash at the end of my siteurl. ¬†GAH!

For those that already knew the answer, bite me.  Seriously :)

Anyway, it’s 1:2 in the morning, I get up at 6 and I’m dog tired. ¬†Enough blabbing, time for sleep.