Well, not really. More like a 'state of the state' kind of thing. You might (or more likely, might not) have noticed the lack of a behind the scenes post over the last few days, and a bit of a gap before that one as well.

Mostly, it's because nothing has really progressed on anything the last couple weeks. Well, no progress worth mentioning anyway.

Most of the reason for that is because I've been on in border-line panic attack mode. I suspect partly because my pain levels have been elevated but I think partly because I tend to go in cycles. This just they happened to coincide and well… things didn't go well.

Constantly felt overwhelmed and stressed and never knowing where to start (or pick up from) made the situation worse. That and a few bad experiences on the social realm. So in  essence, a veritable 'perfect storm' of icky.

I seem to be breaking out of it however. Still feel overwhelmed but I managed to push myself over the weekend and got stuff done.  Mostly pointless and meaningless stuff, but it got done.

Small victories.

Not to say there weren't problems, but this AM I felt better than I have in a while, as evidenced by the #impossiblethings  and #dailyhaiku  posts.

Part of putting out the behind the scenes stuff is also talking about things when they aren't going well. This was that type of post.

Never fun, but necessary. Ish.