So this is going to be a little different than normal.  Instead of giving an update, I'm going to do a look back kind of thing.

For those that aren't aware, the entire world of Garden Wars is mine, but the idea that started it all isn't.  That you can #blamebliss  for.  A looong time ago in a galaxy far, far away +Bliss Morgan made a comment that she had a vision in her head of a bunch of wizards standing around in yellow robes shouting For Scythia!  In case you aren't aware, Forsythia is a plant, or shrub, which starts off in the spring with yellow leaves, not green.  In a bunch if can make quite an impact. 

Anyway, I could not get that image out of my head and so when I got home fro work that day (which means that this was probably 2+ years ago) I wrote my version of that scene.  

A couple months later I was cleaning up some stuff, stumbled across an old DS game called Rise of the Fungi and my brain pulled the Scythian world up and decided that would make a great title for a sequel.

So I wrote it.

And people like it enough that I kept writing episodes. 20 in fact before I got sick and stopped (but that's another story).

Fast forward to a couple months ago when +Peter Faria  , a guy I've known for over 15 years (and have not exactly been a good friend too, sorry Pete) posted some art on G+. I saw it and broached the idea of doing the GW comic. He said yes, and here we are :)

In looking through the images on this post you can see the evolution of General Quercus. I'm thrilled to see how much has has changed and how Peter took my original thoughts (the characters weren't human) made it a reality then evolved them into something that, while it does look more human than I had originally intended, works really well.

The Imperial Japan mixed with ancient Rome feel works for me. It just fits in my mind, and while ultimately the story is my story and we are creating something we like, you guys are the ones that will end up reading it so I'm dying to get your opinion on things.  How do you feel about the character designs?

I can put the original episodes back up in anyone is interested in reading them (well, most of them).

For those that have read them (and actually remember them) The story that will be in the comic will be a new story. There is a gap between the original story and the sequel. The comic will cover that gap.