I believe this might be the final version of General Quercus.

Let me say this about working on something like this; I intentionally didn't describe the characters in the story and I did it for a reason.

When I say I didn't describe I mean there is no clear description of whether or not the characters are human or plants or aliens or anything of the sort. The only descriptions are of the uniforms and that they are humanoid in shape.

I did it because I wanted readers to create their own image of what the characters looked like. The character names are a reflection of their personality and that was intentional as well.

In conversations with Pete (the artist) he kept asking me details about Quercus, but because I had done things the way I did, I didn't really have answers.  I knew when things didn't feel right but didn't have any strong feelings otherwise. 

My point, the vast majority of the look of the character is from Petes vision.

And I'm good with it :)