So, apparently my spiel yesterday about having no behind the scenes posts lately was a tad early.  I didn't expect I'd have one this week, and I was wrong.

By a wide margin. :)

So, in no particular order:

Not My Job
For those that don't know, NMJ is a card game (one of many games) I'm making. It's been around for a while (READ: 2+ years) and it's gone through several iterations. It went though another yesterday that I think solves some of the Big Bad™ I've been having. As a result, I managed to get the first page of 9 cards mocked up last night. [1]

Some of you might remember my talking about doing a video series last year and buying supplies and props and such and having it disappear.  Well, it didn't really 'disappear' but lingered in limbo because I was never able to get the video cuts to work properly. They didn't look smooth, always looked 'cut'.  I wasn't aiming for perfection here but the way I did them jarred me out of the world that the video was trying to establish. So I decided to switch to a podcast like format. Doing the cuts there will (hopefully) be easier.

I got about half the first episode recorded last night :)

Art project
Finally, I started a new art project last night. And when I say started I mean it literally. I got one 'layer' of paint down on the canvas and that's it. I'm not keeping the details secret, just not really sure what they are. I have the seed of an idea and I want to see what it grows into before I tell more.

So, all in all a rather productive day.  Not bad if I do say so myself.

Now to keep the momentum going a little :)


[1] I had a 3 paragraph rant that I'll summarize here: if you're going to develop a product to replace a commercial product because said commercial product is stupidly expensive, at least support the basics. It is utterly ridiculous that in Gimp, I can't select multiple layers, or group layers, or make a group of layers and move them together. That I have to 'link' them and then select a single layer, move them, and reset the original layer is insane. See, I'm ranting again!