Oi!  Monday. Book report. Homework is due!  First of all let me say, I suck at these things. I never know how much is too much to reveal and I'm never sure what to say or talk about. That said, I read the books I 'report' on and since most of them are indies I feel like I need to give my review. And yes, I review them on the Amazon as well so that they will get properly ignored. 

Anyway, this is about My Summer Vacation by Terrance Wade written by +Rachel Desilets .

This is one of those stories that is perfect in length. Any shorter and it wouldn't feel complete, any longer and it would feel forced.There is just enough back story and supporting events to tell the story without bogging you down in needless information. It moves along at a quick pace, yet at the same time doesn't rush. Just as you would expect a manic, somewhat desperate situation to be like.

+Rachel Desilets  has a (annoying ;) knack for setting you up. I felt that just as I knew what was going to happen next, she threw in just enough to make me question my prediction only to come back and show me that she was messing with my head all along.

All in all I would love to see more about the world in which this story takes place. 

I did get confused in a couple places with regard to who was saying what and when but I tend to attribute that to my reading issues. 

This is a very quick read at only 54 pages (for comparison I went though a 500+ page book on Sunday) but it's a great peek into the world Rachel created for the story. I definitely want to see more.