Because a friend on Google+ dared me :)

Jeff stood and started at the villain. He had no chance, not in this form anyway. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a small transparent plastic globe about the size of a large cantaloupe, unscrewed a portion off, reveling it to be hollow, and set on the floor in front of him.

“You have no where left to run Jeff,” growled the figure in black at the other end of the hall, “Might as well give up now.”

“Not a chance,” Jeff replied as he stood up, closed his eyes, took a deep breath and — changed. The whiskers on his face lengthened and softened, as hair grew on the rest of his body. At first it was slow, and un-noticeable but it quickly grew, or rather shrank. After a few seconds he disappeared into his clothes, which collapsed on the floor just in front of the odd plastic ball.

The dark clothed villain’s eyes grew larger that he had thought possible as a small fold in the clothing of his foe began to move. It raced along toward the villain but stopped just shy of the ball.

A small furry — thing, jumped out and into the ball, turned around, grabbed the small handles on the piece that Jeff had unscrewed, pulled it back into place on the ball and screwed it back on. It probably weighted a ton to the small creature, but they were very small tons.

It then turned again and faced the doer of dastardly deeds, took a deep breath and shouted, in a very high, very squeaky voice, “Charge!”

The furry thing ran in place as the ball rolled, with un-erring accuracy toward toe evil doer, who was frozen in shock.

The ball rolled away between his legs as he said, very quietly in case others hear him and later mocked him, “A Were-Hamster? Seriously?”