Been a while since I did one of these.  Enjoy!

Atulia patted the human on the head roughly, "You did well today Gabriel. Go to bed and sleep well. I will most likely kill you in the morning."

Gabriel padded off toward his room. His shoulder hunched from the days labor of preparing several meals for several hundred Gods. He had long since gotten over his revulsion at the types of foods he had to prepare. Everything from humans stuffed with various fruits to the skins of minor Gods full of wine and small creatures that had drowned and marinated in the mix of wine and God blood.

As he made his way through his door he shrugged off the cloak he wore and collapsed into the only chair in the room. His room was very sparse, only a chair, bed and a table. He had only two cloaks and 2 pairs of shoes. Though he never wore the shoes anymore.

He relaxed his body and let the aches and thoughts of the day drain away from him. He no longer worried about whether or not he would die tomorrow since he knew he would. It was only a question of who would kill him and how. In the last three days he had been drowned in honey, blinked from existence, rendered limb from limb, had his very being dissolved into atoms, and  tossed into the heart of the Sun. Each time by a different God who had gotten bored or was unhappy with the way Gabriel had prepared their favorite meal. And each time resurrected by his master to serve another day and sent away with the threat of continued torture tomorrow.

He glanced at the markings on the wall opposite his chair and silently counted to himself. When he finished he got up, took a stone from the table and made another mark on the wall in line with the others.

It had been three hundred and sixty two days since he had come to be the Chef to the Gods.