So it’s been pointed out to me that perhaps I could word or phrase this better, and that I should give details on any possible or potential compensations.

So here goes.

First things first, go read the first couple of episodes, I’ll wait.

Garden Wars

Done, good. Now tell me that wouldn’t make a freaking AWESOME web comic.

The problem is I can’t draw for beans, and I can’t seem to find an artist. I mean I can draw but I think Quercus and Rudbeckia will look much better as something other than stick figures.

Now the comp side of the story. I need this to be 100% clear, this is not a one shot or short-term thing. It is also not a paid gig. Yet. Read on.

I have enough story written and mapped out for a long, long run. The plan would be to do the comic while I edit and assemble the prose stories. Those will be published and sold on… well, to be honest anywhere I can stick them :)

In addition I plan to put the comic pages together into a graphic novel type thing and publish those. As well as various merchandise (oh trust me, there is a huge list. Shirts, bags, card games, teas…)

Whomever signs on as the artist would become a partner in the venture. And by partner I mean a percentage of the profits would be theirs. A decent percent (near half).

So to reiterate, I’m looking for an artist to sign onto an indie venture to create a web comic. The story is there, I have done comic scripts in the past so I have a decent idea what I’m doing (example: example script) and I’m willing to share any future profits.

I’m not looking for someone to come on board and give away anything without something in return. But I am asking them to take the same risk I am. I’m not making anything from this yet and I working my ass off to try and get it going.

Sound interesting? Know someone who might be up for it? I have a total of 12 episodes (the link is just the first 3) presently written and undergoing revamp and editing. There are many, many more in my head and plotted on paper.

So come on, what do you say! Let’s get Garden Wars artified!

Who’s with me!!