Okay, I’m going to put this out here again because.. well I think the idea has a crap ton of potential.

if you haven’t read Garden Wars go do it, I’ll wait here.

Garden Wars

Done, good. Now tell me that wouldn’t make a freaking AWESOME comic. Print or web.

The glitch? I don’t have an artist. I want one. I need one. I mean I can draw but I think Quercus and Rudbeckia will look much better as something other than stick figures.

So… interested? Know someone who might be? I have a total of 12 episodes (the link is just the first 3) presently written and undergoing revamp and editing. There are many, many more in my head and plotted on paper.

And I imagine each episode would take several comics to do up right.

So come on, what do you say! Let’s get Garden Wars artified!

Who’s with me!!