Since yesterday was a holiday for me (and most of the US) I took the day off.  Yes, I take days off. There, there… it'll be okay.

1. Dogs piloting robotic attack cats. One might guess that dogs like the German Shepard or Rottweiler would be more aggressive and therefore have more victories, however a tiny little Shih Tzu named Malcom has held the top spot for 2 years. Second belongs to a chihuahua named Honey.

2. Building a pyramid from the top down. (bottom up is so last millennium)
3.Messenger Butterflies. Granted they will eventually deliver the message, but chances are by the time it does, no one alive will know what the hell it means.

4. Hiring a T-Rex to do housework.

5. Using a hippo as a dirigible. 

6. Apartment Trees. The view is amazing.

7. Going back in time to warn yourself not to go back in time to warn yourself to go back in time to warn yourself….. my head hurts.