I want do to a ‘radio drama’ podcast, maybe even as a series as opposed to a one-off. Or maybe a series of one-offs. Each episode could be written by someone different but still within the ‘universe’ of the original.

I think I can cover the writing part, there are enough people around that I can harass to write something.

Right now I’m thinking an initial ‘season’ of 10-12 episodes each about 10-20 minute long. (Attention span and all that).

What we need: Voice actors: I’m hoping the authors with help here and maybe voice one or some of their characters but we need more.

Tech/Production People: I’m interested in learning this end of things so if someone just wanted to teach me that’s cool too.

Sound people: Because using coconuts for galloping horses is so 1960 ;)

I plan to write 3 eps, so I need 7-9 more is anyone wants to volunteer. There currently is no universe setup so if you would rather help in worldbuilding go for it.

NOTE: Full disclosure here, there is no money for this. It’s going to be all volunteer. I’m volunteering what I have so I’m not asking anyone to do anything I’m not willing to do myself. Maybe at some point we can get a sponsor but I’m not counting on it. Also, I keep saying we, but right now it’s just me. Anyone that wants to sign on to help produce/write/whatever let me know