Gordon College (north of Boston) has is advocating for discrimination against the LGBT community (i.e. it has expression opposition to the federal hiring protection for LGBT).  The Mayor of Salem, MA (Kim Driscoll) has ended the citys contract that allowed the school to maintain, operate, and rent out a building in the city.

Apparently Glenn Beck is upset about it and sicced his followers on the city government, having people call in to speak with 'the Mayor'. (Usually asking for 'he' it seems).

Her response?

This has resulted in a number of phone calls being placed to my office today from people outside of Massachusetts who have expressed some patently offensive views regarding LGBT individuals. These calls appear to be prompted by posts and articles on these right-wing websites, including Glenn Beck's "The Blaze." I anticipate we will receive more of them over the course of this week.

I wanted to inform you that we are keeping a tally of these telephone calls and for each one we receive I will be making a donation of $5 to nAGLY, in support of your good work to create, sustain, and advocate for the policies and services that support our LGBT youth here on the North Shore."

Gotta love it.