Prophesies are tricky things.

Just ask Macbeth. There are countless discussion, arguments, and treaties about whether or not the murders and terror that Macbeth started would have happened at all had he not heard the declaration from the witches that he would ‘be King hereafter’.

Which begs the question, would he have become King has he not met the witches and taken it upon himself (with the wifes help).

Same holds true for the story of Oedipus, the invasion of Persia by Croesus, even Star Wars and Vader and the movie Twelve Monkeys.

They also have something else in common; they all are fulfilled in ways no one expected or predicted. Vader did bring balance in end and Macbeth did become king.

A prophesy is the heart of Chronicles. It is said that a child of Dawgeria will ‘restore the lost land’, and Harley, being a Dawgerian is a good fit. As such, many are moving the pieces to use him for their own want’s and desires.

The board is set. The players have all gathered and the game has begun. The pieces… well, they don’t even know they are playing.

And Harley has no idea he’s going to change the world.

But in order to find out how everything unfolds, you’re going to have to read the series and follow the story.