(BTW, this is longish)

Why? Because often I disappear off into my own learn world to learn or perfect a skill (yes, I know there is no such thing as perfection, just really really REALLY good) and come back some time later disappointed or depressed because it wasn't perfect and no one encouraged me.

Because I did it in secret.  It's so freaking backwards. Art and creativity doesn't happen in isolation, in solitude. It happens when we fill up our brains with Stuff and that Stuff starts hanging out and having coffee donuts with other Stuff (and not inviting us). And this Stuff comes from being part of the world. Not living in a bubble.

So I'm bringing project out of the shadows. I'm building robots. Well, kind of. In a way I mean.  They are…. I mean it's just…

Let me start over.  25+ years ago I was in the prime of my RPG life. I played D&D, and Doctor Who (yes, there was a Doctor Who RPG way back when.  Need to find a copy of this.), Robotech, DragonQuest, MechWarrior, Marvel, GURPS, Warhammer… the list goes on. These were pen-n-paper games, not computer.  We sat around in the garage or my bedroom and creates worlds and stories and monsters.

Then we got a tad bored with them all. And someone had the brilliant idea of combining them! Marvel characters at Doctor Who companions, MechWarrior and Robotech side-by-side with Orcs.  Out of this cacophonous mess came the Spartans. A group of mech (a la Robotech or Mechwarrior) that a couple of use created as an elite, 'special forces' team to be played only in the most dire of circumstances and the toughest of campaigns.  There were elite and precious to use because they were characters that had survived campaign after campaign for many years (IRL, not virtual). We gave them call signs like the pilots in Top Gun and they because legendary in our own minds.

That's what I'm building.

Those characters as I remember them from 25 years ago.

I'm going to build them out of spare parts. Bits of electronic and mechanical stuffs I have lying around. I'm scavenging the flea markets and good will for things to take apart to use. They won't work, and they won't move. More sculpture than toy.

I'm not the first to do this. Search Google and I'm sure you will find thousands that have done it. But mine have a history, and I'm going to write their story as I complete each one. First up is Ajax. You'll have to wait to read his story though, so be patient.

The other thing I'm going to do is share my progress with the world. As I learn something (need to learn to solder) I'll take photos and share. People can follow along as the project progress if they want. Think of it as a public performance, just spread out over weeks.  When I'm lagging or not feeling positive about it, I can get feedback and keep interested. Maybe.  All depends on if anyone care or is interested. 

So there you have it. My newest project in an ever growing list of projects.  Soon I'll talk about Delve, the game I'm working on.

I seriously need an assistant…