It's amazing how much a negative work environment can impact every aspect of your life.

It's also amazing to me (still) how much pain can derail and sideline everything.

And the effect of things when both of the above are, if not eliminated, at least reduced to the point of manageability.  So in short, work is going great and my pain levels are lowish even after a weekend of working in the yard.

To put it in perspective, this is the earliest I've managed to get some work done outside in almost 5-6 years. Typically I'm sick or incapacitated in some form so that I'm not even able to think about doing anything until end of May.

This is a good thing (so long as the status stays quo).

I'm slowing climbing out of my shell. It's a long, arduous process partly because I don't want to. It's safe inside. 

However, the fog is beginning to lift from my brain and I've started creating and daydreaming again. I've already figured out a few (major) changes to Chronicles and as some have seen have been working on the GW comic idea.  (BTW, it's going to be a separate story, not a retelling on the ones I've already written. ::excite::)

I've also been working on a couple other projects, namely Delve and another which doesn't have an official name yet but is code named 'Spare Wars'.  

Delve is an online text adventure like game that I'm building. It's more complex that most for a variety of reasons but mostly because I designed it to behave as if it were a physical card game.  

So emulating that is proving to be… interesting.

Spare Wars is something completely different, it's a physical project. Like painting or drawing (both of which I do but suck at so don't share that often) it's creating something physical. Not really saying much yet because I haven't figured it all out in my head just yet. However if anyone has any old electronic stuffs laying around they don't want… I'll take it :)

Also working on the writing and photography as I can. 

Don't know that I will be putting a lot of time on social media yet as I'm not sure what to talk about or say. I can't imagine anyone gives a bit about anything I have to talk about anyway. :)

What else…. I think that's it for now. So to sum up, I'm starting to recover (mentally, physically, psychologically, etc…) from the last year plus and am starting to create again. We'll see how long it lasts and how much of it I show everyone. 

Most of it I don't think is worth sharing, but you never know. I might do it anyways just because.