So I never made it to Boston Comic-con this weekend.  We decidedly to purposefully go in later so that the line to get in would have gone down a bit.  

Seems we aren't the only ones that decided that.  I don't get what the issue is with Comic-con, why the line is so freaking long or why people that have pre-registered have to wait in line with those that haven't.

Neither Pax, nor AnimeBoston or any other conference (other than ReaderCon… wow) have had a problem getting thousands of people in.

Anyway, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  We decided to go to the comic store in Salem as our 'comic con', then stopped for lunch. 

And I was wiped.  'Out of spoons' as you might say. We made two smaller stops on the way home, something I paid for later that day. 

I pushed too much too soon after the illness and am still paying for it with aches and a massive headache.

Good news? I've been asked to contribute to an anthology. Need to come up with a sci-fi/speclit story though.  

::think think think::

//end comm