I know it's not Monday which is when I usually do these, but there has been a good deal of progress just in the past few days and I thought I would share.

This week, instead of taking a lunch I've been eating at my desk and then going for a walk around 3 in the afternoon. If you saw the photos from yesterday you know where I walk.  It's calm, serene and wonderful.  Well, except for the construction equipment and the highway noises. But I can 'usually' get deep enough to block them out.

I mention this because I don't know if it has had an effect, but I suspect it has.  Something else that has is that I started on the elliptical again this week. Only 2 minutes at a time, trying to get my body once again use to doing things.

Anyway, the point is last night I came home, cooked dinner (something I haven't really done in a few weeks), did 3 minutes on the machine and felt good.  I thought I had not only turned the corner but took a bus to a completely different corner.

However, after dinner I got hit by a proverbial truck and felt like I had pushed too much so we sat at watch some Castle. 

Here's the cool part, after just an hour of resting I felt good again

THAT, is something that hasn't happened in a very long time.