I'm not quite back to writing (working on it) so I thought I'd through out a snippet from Chronicles which I'm hoping to have in beta readers hands by Sept. 1.

Key word: Hope.

Harley sat on the roof of the shuttle staring at Mel and Faulkner.  To their left stood several figures that Harley didn't recognize. Behind them was a stand of trees that Harley wasn't able to identify. Behind that were gently rolling hills covered in green grass.
His mouth hung open as he stared.  Phineas stood beside him in pretty much the same state. Both not quite believing what they were seeing, and for fear that the scene in front of them would disappear forever like a dream, neither moved, spoke, breathed or blinked.
Mel waved and then jump from where she stood, landing on the wing of the shuttle.  The ship wavered just slightly as it took her weight then steadied as she made her way towards her two friends, wearing a face splitting grin
"You guys need a hand?"
"How the hell did you—"
"That is so cool," shoutedHarley as he broke out of his trance and bolted towards Mel.  He raced right by her, out across the wing of the shuttle and leap, landing onto the grass of the medium sized island that had pulled along side the ship. He glanced once a Faulkner, who nodded, and Harley turned and charged into the forest.