It's not a new trend, it's been around since the beginning of man. Society hates (and loves) different. People hate different.

I'm sure you've heard the expression I am unique. Just like everyone else.  It's been used to point out that since everyone is different you aren't really that special.

But you are. In so, so many ways you are. Different and unique is what makes us.. us.  Most of us (not all) hide who we are because we want to 'fit in', to be accepted by others. We try to appeal to the masses as much as possible to be liked by the largest number of people.

But quantity is pointless without quality. And in appealing to the majority you attract the attention of those that would make fun of you. Those that point and laugh because you are 'different'.

But here's the thing; if someone isn't pointing and laughing, you are just another member of the masses.