So +John Ward does this thing where he asks you what your goals are for the week on Mondays and then on the following Sunday asks if you met said goals. I believe that it is just those that have opted into his circle thing, and it's meant as a means of accountability.

Studies show that if you set a goal (reasonable goal that is) and tell people you are more likely to reach or come close (for fear of 'letting down' those you told).

I'm going to take it a step farther and post it here. Since I have limited time to work on things I won't do a daily (as there is every chance I won't have time that day to do … anything really. Especially right now).

So here goes:

1. Finish the edits and re-writes of the previously existing Chronicle episodes.
2. Plan out the remaining 5-6 episodes left that I need to finish part 1.
3. Finish chapter two of the detective story (no real name yet, working title is Telltale Heart, and Ian Branch mystery ::shrug::)
4. Plan out first two episodes of the new Garden Wars.
5. Talk to Joel.

That's about as much as I think I can pull off this week. Hopefully by the end of the week I will be in better shape to do more.

That or dead. Either is possible ;)