If you glance at the images below you will notice I am wearing some of my bracelets.  It's the first time in almost 6 weeks I've felt able to.

Why is that significant? Because in addition to everything else screwed up with me, I'm also hypersensitive. Meaning I can literally feel my clothes on my skin (which most can't) and can't stand being touched for the most part.

Nothing to do with germ or phobias, just don't like the feeling. There are very few people that I allow to hug me and my wife is the only person ever that I don't flinch at when being touched. (It's not learned, was that way when we first met.)

So for me to wear my bracelets or watch (yes, I usually wear a watch… I couldn't find it this AM) means I'm physically, and to a certain extent, emotionally and mentally, doing better.

Odd thing though, you'll notice that I have bracelets on both wrists. That's because I couldn't find my watch. I have to have something on both wrists if I wear anything. Can't just be the watch on one wrist. Had to be a watch and the proper balance of bracelets.

This is balanced because the greenish one (with the skull) is heavier than the others.

And yes, the butterflys have meaning :)