Just an idea, a rough idea.  Think of it as fan fic for something that doesn’t exist yet ;)(attn: +Bliss Morgan )

Kistal struggled to stand up.  It was the same every day, but being the embodiment of Hope he had come to accept it. He closed his eyes and concentrated, tightening the various bits of yarns that made up his body giving him the strength to stand.

As he tottered in place he looked around, watching as both Stinson and Civic struggled to stand up.

He lowered his head and said a small prayer as he did every morning, remembering those Yammen that had fallen during their journey.  What had started out as a bunch of friends going on a great adventure to discover the legendary land of Vala, had turned into a battle for survival against the Gabonds, also known as the Dark Yammen.

He looked up at the others as Stinson nodded their readiness. Kistal picked up his bag and threw the strap over his shoulder. He then picked up his staff and started toward the exit.