So I read something today that has stuck with me all day. It was targeted towards people that display symptoms of the ‘Impostor Syndrome” as well as entrepreneurs and start-up peoples but I think it works equally well, if not better, for writers.

After all, are writers in essence entrepreneurs? (And that just sparked another idea I will write about later) The article was basically centered around a very small, very powerful piece of advice: “Act as if”.

The advice actually comes from Conen O’Brien and is this:

“In improvisational acting there is this great rule that I’ve used in my life: ‘Act As If’. Act as if this is completely normal. Of course I’m supposed to be interviewing Barack Obama. Of course I’m supposed to be playing guitar with Bruce Springsteen and of course there’s a big part of me inside that’s saying: ‘What are you talking about?’”

Stop and think about that for a moment. As a writer it means that of course I’m suppose to write this story about a talking dog who is going to save the world. Of course I’m suppose to write this story about a detective in Boston set in the not-so-distant future.

Of course I’m suppose to film this web series about… well, I’m not telling you that just yet.

But think about it. Instead of wondering if this is what you should be doing, instead of worrying about whether or not people will like this idea, or if melding the two ideas you have together… you act as if that is the the normal, expected behavior.

So next time someone looks at you funny because you told them you were a writer; act as if.

The next time someone says you shouldn’t try to publish your first book; act as if.

And the next time someone questions your creativity and abilities; act as if.