For those that have been wondering where I've been.  I kind of made a soft-return last week (commenting, but not really posting) and I don't expect to be posting a whole lot for a while yet.  Still get very tired very easy.

So at first the self-imposed exile was because the stuff I was doing at my day job was slowing starting to creep into my 'not in the office' time because we were approaching a deadline. (which we missed because of Reasons).

Then it was because I got sick, or unwell, or however you want to put it, finally culminating in missing several days of work and working from home for about a week and a half.  For those that weren't paying attention I was finally diagnosed with MRSA (look it up) and this was my fourth 'outbreak'. Which means my fourth round of heavy dosage antibiotics.  This time non-penicillin based (because MRSA is resistant. Hence the R.)

During all this several things have happened regarding my various projects that people might be interested to know about.

First and foremost, if you've been wondering why I stopped pitching Chronicles and directing you to the Curiosity Quills site… it's because I am no longer with CQ.  I won't go into details, but I will say it was a amicable parting.  Which means I'm 'indie' again.  Yea me.

But it's not dead.  After I left CQ I quickly started harassing +Laurie Laliberte  to be my editor.  She ultimately agreed (probably to shut me up) and we have decided to change the format. No longer will it be a weekly series, but rather a series of novella type stories. I'm hoping to finish up the first book in the next couple week and get it into her hands.  Now that I'm done with the disease (for now) I think I can pull it off.  Probably going to be around 60K for the first part.  The plan is that you would be able to pick up any of the first 4 books and start from there, only going back to any previous because you like them.

Garden Wars
I'm bringing it back. It will be a weekly, and it will be unedited. Deal with it :P  

I've toyed with the idea of having someone edit it, but things lately have put a strain on my finances so I just don't have the funds right now to do it.  No fear, AuthorBoost's money is already accounted for as is the money for Chronicles.  

Before I release GW however, I am going to do some re-working.  I like the story, but the first three episodes are a bit disjointed.  There is a good reason for that (there was never supposed to be a second, much less a third and so on).  I'm going to fill out some of the gaps there to make them a bit more seamless and flow better. 

I'm also contemplating some structural changes.  More on that another time.

For those that aren't aware, +Aaron Crocco  was the 'winner' of the first AuthorBoost. He and his chosen editor are in the process of cleaning up and make the story the best it can be. I'm hoping to get a chance to read it myself soon. I'll let Aaron and/or the editor reveal who it is (in case they are shy… I don't know).

And for the curious, yes there will be another AuthorBoost next year.  :)

I have one episode shot. I have the other 5 sketched out and notes written (it's not completely scripted, don't want it to be). Once my body has a little stamina I will get back to filming and editing. Hope to start releasing in a few weeks.

What else…  I have various stories in various stages of dev. A detective mystery that people seem to like, a halloween based story (not horror) that I have mostly plotted and the first chapter 90% written, Professor Steam, GodMaker.

Oh, the games. Well, the GW games is on indefinite hold. Nothing bad happened just timing and other issues that got in the way. Not the right time either.  The Not My Job game design is done, just need to finish the cards.  Paper Monsters is coming along as well.

I intend to spend a little time getting everything (re)organized.  Being 'sick' for a year, with occasion bouts of pure suck is something I don't want to go through again.  Hopefully this round of meds knocked out the MRSA and I can get some energy and focus back.

That's it for now, if I missed anything let me know.