Moonlit stars that shine so bright, in the darkness of deep night
Carry with them hopes and dreams of the tragic in-between.
When hope and faith are washed away, and fear consumes the live long day
That is when my soul is bare, to give to you…. forever share.

In the place of longing thought, where the struggle is for naught.
Seek for me and you shall find, that the trouble’s far behind.
Conquered, beaten, victory toss; it is not a savory loss.
Left in tangles soaked in tears, forever and a thousand years.

Courage filled with endless hope, with the earth star far below.
Makes the past seem out of time, and the passion forever shine.
With sun and cloud in endless war, the pace of life goes as before.
Pricked with cupid’s poisoned darts, shaped by fate and paper hearts.