My world long destroyed,
my heart long dead.
The dreams and hopes of a thousand lifetimes were hidden deep in my soul.
Peace an idea,
Happiness only an illusion.
Then came the angel
on wings of gold, and whispers of love she came to me.
With a smile of peace and joy,
she came.
She hide her own heart away
and gave me her friendship.
She stood beside me when I needed a friend,
held me when I was in pain.
And still she tucked away her own love
Even thought my hurt was more than she could stand,
she never left my side,
never left me alone. Then came the day
she somehow found the courage to tell me her heart,
terrified of being hurt again she took the risk
she told me she loved me and offered her heart I was afraid.
“What could I be to someone like this”
I asked myself.
“How can she ever love me?”
The questions answered themselves;
I loved her.
My heart was reborn.
My world renewed.
My love grew.
I dream new dreams now.
Hope flows like a river,
Peace is my blanket,
Happiness my gift.
I gave her my heart
and she took it with love.
And I am finally home.