Even in  the darkest of night you bring hope and joy to my heart.  You make me
smile and laugh.  You make me enjoy my life again.  But most important..you
make me happy to be with you.
I could search every library in the world and never find the words to
describe the way my heart jumps at the sound of your name.

Time passes us all, and things change.
People pass in and out of our lives so fast we sometimes never knew they were
there. Truths become fables, fables become myths, myths become legends.
Today passes into tomorrow, and tomorrow never really comes.
And thru it all we adapt and change to met the times.
We love and learn, hurt and hate.
But when you look beside you one thing will always remain the
same: I will be by your side.

Even the deepest darkest fears flee when I am with you.  You are my rock, my
foundation.  The anchor to my soul.  You have brought back feelings I thought long forgotten.
I want to thank you but words seem to fail me.
Except for three.
I. Love. You.