This week; comic books!  Yes, I'm reviewing a comic book. Yes, I still read comics. I don't really care what you think about it :P

Anyway, Justice League 3000.

This book was… interesting. It isn't your typical origin story introduction, instead it starts up after the JL has been recreated and put into action.

It's darker than usual, set in a Universe and where The Five has instilled fear into everyone and everything. No, they haven't said what the Five is yet.

This is a completely different take on the 52 than any other book. For all intents and purposes it is taking place outside the existing continuity (or it might not be, just is set 1000 years in the future) and doesn't even seem to take place on Earth. The heros, Batman, Flash, SuperMan, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, aren't themselves.


I won't go into detail and give anything away, because that aspect is a fairly major plot point.

I will say I love the new costume designs, the the possible exception of Wonder Woman. In the 31st century she still is wearing the equivalent of a halter top.

Oh, one more bit, the Wonder Twins are in this. And it (surprisingly) doesn't suck.

Definitely will be adding this to my Pull list.