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Phineas stared. He wasn’t sure if he was hugely impressed, or supremely terrified by what he was looking at. Either way, it held him in awe.

“What were you trying to do?”

“I was trying to capture Santa!”

Phineas did a double take at Harley. Being fourteen inches tall and twenty seven inches long might be average for a Dawg of his breed but it didn’t’ allow much room for a grin the size of the one he was currently wearing.


“Because I want my pressies.”

“What does that have to do with capturing Santa,” asked Phineas as he sat on a stool and looked around for the plate of cookies he had brought down.

“You have to capture Santa so he will give you presents. That’s how it works.” Harley, realizing something wasn’t right cocked his head and looked at Phineas who was eating a cookie, “Isn’t it?”

“Um, no. You don’t have to capture Santa for him to give you presents. He brings them to all the good little boys and girls.”

“And dawgs,” Phineas quickly added, “He leaves them for you under the tree. No capturing involved.”

“Are you sure?” Harley asked narrowing his eyes and staring at the metal construct designed to hold Santa.

“Yes I’m sure you nut job.”

Harley looked crestfallen.

“Well he must have some really cool technology,” he announced cheering up and dancing around the room.

“I’m sorry?”

“How else would he be able to travel around the entire planet in a single night delivering toys to all the good little dawgs everywhere?”

Harley babbled as he dashed around the room twisting dials and flipping switches. The Santa Trap was fairly new and had never been tested until today, but it was based on a previous design so he was confident this would work.

Granted the previous design had blown up rather fantastically. He cast glances over at the large metal object sitting in the middle of the room. It easily stood six feet tall, was shaped vaguely like a bullet and had any number of wires and hoses coming out and going in.

To this day Phineas was unable to figure out how a Dawg as small as Harley was able to build something so large. It didn’t seem physically possible since he was only twice his current height even when he stood on his hind legs.

Apparently Harley ignored the laws of physical possibilities. At least it the the only explanation he could come up with.

“He must to have a quantum deluxe time dilator or flux capacitor.”

“A what or a what?”

“Or maybe he’s dimensionally transcendental.”

“What the heck does that mean?”

Harley stopped fiddling with the screen he was adjusting and looked over at Phineas, “No idea but it sounds cool,” He said as he smiled.

They both jumped when the banging started. It had been a quiet knocking at first, and thinking back Phineas realized it had been there a while, he had assumed it was simply part of the machinery. The sudden increase in volume and intensity dispelled that illusion.

“When you guys are done chatting would someone please let me out of here?”

Harley flinched.

Phineas simply stared.

“Who exactly did you catch?”

“I… I’m not sure.”

“You said this was designed to catch Santa.”

“Well yes, but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t accidentally get caught.”

“Someone else did get caught,” came the voice from the metal container.

Phineas crept over to where Harley sat on the desk, “Dude, you caught the captain.”

Harley’s eyes widened. He stood, jumped off the desk and began to trot quickly towards the door.

“Where are you going, are you actually running away?”

“I prefer to call it a strategic retreat.”

Phineas walked over the the capsule and began trying to pry open the capsule doors, “Get over here and help me get the captain out of here.”

“Are you insane? He’s going to kill you if you let him out.”

“No he won’t, he knows who is responsible for this. You’re the one he’s going to kill.”


“Who else on this ship comes up with these kinds of schemes.”

“Seriously, you’re just going to throw me under the bus like that?”

“You two are aware of the fact I can hear you right?” came the muffled voice again.

Harley blanched. Which for a black and brown haired Dawg was an impressive feat.

Harley trotted back over this his chair and worked his way back onto the table. After a moments hesitation he flipped a switch and pressed a couple buttons causing the metal monstrosity to shiver. As it the door opened as the ships captain slowly stepped out.

“Heh. Sorry captain.”

“Harley, what. Are. You. Doing?” asked the rather annoyed Captain Remarkable.

Harley froze, his ears erect and swiveling back and form, searching, “I hear something!”

Phineas and the Captain turned to look towards the door.

Outside there was a sound. A faint, quiet little sound that echoed through out the entire ship. A sound that slowly grew slightly louder. It sound, at first, like a hard rain when it fell against the hull of the ship. As it grew it changed. Now it began to sound like bells. Hundreds of small metal bells. The kind one might find on a sleigh.

Phineas turned to look at the captain, a look of disbelief on his face,”Santa?”

Harley grinned, “Santa!”

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