He's out there somewhere. My mentor. Teacher. Father.Somewhere in the shadows, watching. Waiting. Trying to see how badly I've fallen from his blessed pedestal.

He once gave some stupid speech about walking the road of vengeance and digging two graves... blah blah blah. I wasn't really listening. Didn't really care.

I'm tired of playing it his way, tying them up for the police or dropping them off in from of City Hall. They keep coming back more pissed, and stronger than before. It's insane that we keep fighting these idiots, putting them in what are supposedly hyper secure prisons only to fight them again in six months. So I'm doing something about it. I'm crossing the line he would never cross.

I'm ending their fight for good.

He told me that we could be a hero and save the world while killing the bad guys. That it 'bankrupted our souls'. Whatever.

If that's how he feels so be it, call me Bankrupt.