This is Episode 3 of 3 in the God Shaper series

The head of the task force assigned to work with us in dealing with Asgard has been going over the reports and aftermath of the encounter in the Boston area for the last 15 minutes but I’ve tuned out.

We lost 8 of our own and only managed, through shear luck, to capture 1 of them. None of the Asgard fell. From the tiny bits of information we were able to extract from our prisoner they not only have the forcefield that I encountered, they have also developed a device that allows them to teleport as well as anti-matter bombs. The latter we think was used in the North End.

It means they can strike anywhere at will and completely devastate everything.

It also means they can kill hundreds, maybe even thousands of people in the blink of an eye. Initial estimates put the loses in North End around 900. We will never know for sure because there are no bodies to count.

Some of the analysts now believe that the bank heists and other robberies were designed to acquire funds to develop this technology. Someone on their side has to have an extremely high IQ. This is tech that’s been dreamed of for years but no one else has been able to even come close to these kind of devices. They managed to do it in a little under two years.

The other thing we’ve learned is that their headquarters is located in Quebec. They are using one of the older northern castles as a base of operations.

I have no idea why Quebec would aid and abet these people but ever since they gained their sovereignty the government up there has gone out of it’s way to piss off Canada and the US. What better way to do that then to provide asylum to our biggest threat.

After the debriefing we met with the leaders of the military arm of the project to discuss the next move. After some debate it’s been decided that we will take the fight to them, we are to air drop into their home base and let the government deal with the consequences of what will be consider an invasion into Quebec territory.

Drop from twenty thousand feet without a parachute isn’t for the weak of heart. It took me several months to get up the nerve. And like the joke says, it’s not the fall that kills you but the sudden stop at the end. 3 of us have telekinetic abilities and we use them at the last second to slow everyone‚Äôs decent at the last second. We agreed earlier not to bring us to a complete stop but to land heavily in the stone courtyard of the castle. A bit reminiscent of the scene in SuckerPunch and maybe a little cliche but it was cool. Considering the castle looks a bit like the one in the movie it was all the more surreal.

I sent one group to work their way around the right side of the castle and another to the left. Myself and the rest walked straight through the front door like we owned the place.

We searched for hours. Not that the castle was very large, but we looked for hidden doorways, secret passages, or hidden rooms. Anything to explain why the building was completely deserted. Sad to think our show in the courtyard went unseen.

Everyone finally mets together in what appears to be the throne room. Along one wall, opposite where I imagine the throne would be, but where now sits a large orange sectional sofa, are four large televisions mounted on the wall.

We are all milling around the room trying to decide what to do next, the military attachment is actually looking a bit relieved, when the hissing starts. Our first reaction is panic, that we walked into a trap and that an anti-matter bomb is about to go off. Funny how we didn’t think of that before hand. Only when the tv’s flash to life and we are all staring at the face of what has to be the ugliest man alive do we realize that it was indeed a trap but that we aren’t going to die just yet.

“Interesting. More of you survived then I expected” says the voice from the televisions, “I’m slightly impressed. Not that it matters.”

I step forward and address the screens.

“You are the one they call Exodus I presume?”

“You presume correctly. And you are the son. Father would be proud.”

“You do not get to call him ‘father’.”

Exodus laughs and waves his hand, dismissing my comment.

“Spare me the theatrics. He was the creator of all of us. He created the serum and the process that gave us our powers, that made us more than human. He was our Genesis and I carry on fulfilling my interpretation of his vision, which is why I call myself ‘Exodus’. But I don’t want to upset you little one, so I shall refrain from using the term again.”

“What do you want? I presume there is a reason we are here and you are talking to us?”

“Yes, there is a reason. I want you to run home and tell your president and military leaders I have a proposal for them.”

“And what might that proposal be?”

“That is for them to know little one.”

“You can’t really expect me to tell them you want to talk and not give them a reason why?”

“Tell them I wish to make a deal.”

I almost fall over laughing. After all this he really thinks they are going to negotiate with a terrorist.

“What deal?” I ask when I finally catch my breath.

“We want immunity and governmental support to sell the Ichabod drug to anyone that can afford it. Tell them that if they don’t agree we will destroy a city every hour until they do and the clock starts in five hours.”, Exodus leaned forward into the screen, “And you know we have the ability to do just that. Now run along.”

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